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At Shafer Cohen, we pride ourselves on being known for providing real solutions to real problems. We understand how to provide these real solutions to clients because our firm’s lawyers hold nearly half a century of combined legal experience.
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Parenting Plan And Time Share Lawyers: Boca Raton Area And Nearby Regions

Attorney Lewis Shafer provides seasoned legal guidance to clients throughout the Boca Raton area with respect to parenting plans. Also sometimes referred to by clients as time shares and visitation, parenting plans allow divorcing couples to manage child custody matters for themselves rather than having the court dictate these terms.

Child Support And Child Custody Attorneys: Palm Beach County And Surrounding Communities

Parenting plans are a relatively new phenomenon in Florida law, replacing the traditional idea of primary residential custody. For this reason, you want to rely on our lawyers’ deep well of legal experience.

We draw on this experience to draft parenting and time share plans that are proactive and forward-looking. They not only take into account the current state of the law; they also anticipate how this newer law will develop in the future.

Because our firm has assisted clients with child custody issues for more than 20 years, we understand how laws develop. We also understand how laws are applied by certain judges and how they are interpreted by other attorneys. Experience in this area means knowledge that can deliver a parenting plan built to minimize the need for modification in the future.

A parenting plan spells out how the parents share in decisions about a child’s education, medical care and religious upbringing as well as gets time with the children for time share. We can help draft a parenting plan that successfully addresses these matters, including:

  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Communication
  • Travel

Parenting Plan And Time Share Attorneys: Entire Boca Raton Region

If you are facing difficult questions concerning a time share, a parenting plan or visitation, make an appointment to speak with our experienced Florida firm: 561-826-1600. You can also contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. All communications remain confidential.

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