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Boca Raton Child Relocation Lawyers

Attorney Lewis Shafer has delivered sound family law advice for more than 20 years. We have devoted an entire area of our practice solely to relocation disputes.

If you or your ex-spouse is proposing to move or leave the state, consult with us first. We can knowledgeably advise you regarding your legal options and obligations so you can move forward confidently and legally.

Child Custody Modification Attorneys: Palm Beach County Region And Surrounding Communities

Parents are often surprised to find that simply moving somewhere else is no longer an option where a child of divorce is concerned. Florida law requires that in such a situation, the child's best interest is the most important consideration.

Florida relocation law does not recognize informal arrangements between parents regarding relocation. To overcome this problem, we regularly assist clients in drafting formal relocation agreements that can be submitted to the court for approval.

Should the disagreement require going to court, we can provide our clients with the representation they need to put forth their best case. Our professional legal team has provided clients on both sides of these matters with the advice they need to best present their position to the court.

Parent And Child Relocation Attorneys: Entire Boca Raton Area

Relocation involves difficult legal considerations. Let our experienced lawyers help you. You can make an appointment for an initial consultation with our experienced Florida firm by calling 561-826-1600. You can also contact us online to schedule a consultation. All communications remain confidential.

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